The Cator Woolford Gardens

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Beautiful, intimate, and all-inclusive. The Cator Woolford Gardens is a mission-driven event space for life’s most important moments. Let the Italian-style gardens set an impressive scene, while our comprehensive rental packages take care of everything you need.

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The Experience

Celebrate amid the opulent, old world charm of the sprawling Cator Woolford estate, where the gardens create the ideal surroundings for a secluded, meaningful gathering of family and friends.

Celebrate the History of the South

Step into 1920s Atlanta when you host your event at one of the city’s few remaining estate homes that’s retained its original glory and charm.

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Bask in a Beautiful Garden Backdrop

Our 39 acres of old growth forest and lush landscaping — hidden in the heart of Druid Hills — creates a stunning oasis for special celebrations.

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Leave a Lasting Impact

When you host an event at the Gardens, you directly support the Frazer Center’s nonprofit work for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

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The Benefits

We take care of the details, so you can focus on creating the perfect night. From an all-inclusive rental package to a built-in rain plan, rentals at Cator Woolford Gardens come with everything you didn’t know you needed.

Host the Party Inside or Out

Cator Woolford Gardens provides two unique rental spaces in one: our sprawling estate grounds and, in case of rain, our light-filled indoor atrium.

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Utilize Our All-Inclusive Rentals

When you host an event at the Gardens, we provide tables, chairs, and tents to accommodate ceremonies with up to 180 guests.

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Enjoy Ample Accommodations

We offer a fully air-conditioned wedding party suite and exclusive access to the grounds during your rental period.

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Work With Our Staff

Take advantage of our site managers, expert staff, and security personnel during your event — all included in your rental cost.

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The Gardens are available for events March through December each year, while the Atrium is available year-round. When you host an event at Cator Woolford Gardens, proceeds directly support the work of the Frazer Center.

Wedding & Event Pricing


Find all the information you'll need to know prior to hosting an event at Cator Woolford Gardens. This document includes the capacities of our available rental areas, a complete list of what's included in your rental, and our various rental policies. For additional information, please consult our FAQs or contact a CWG representative.

When you host an event at the Gardens, you’ll work with one of our preferred catering companies, like Sun In My Belly, Zest, and Farm Burger. All our caterers have worked countless events in our space and have extremely high satisfaction ratings.

See a breakdown or theoretical run-through of events on each of our available rental days. This can help you better plan your Cator Woolford Gardens wedding.


General Questions

Is the facility open to the public for touring? How do I set up a tour?

Tours are available by appointment only. Please book your tour here.

Is the facility open to the public for picture taking?

For a commercial photo or film shoot, please contact us. For personal photography that doesn’t require the use of the facilities or any Garden equipment, you can visit the Gardens at any time as long as no events are taking place. In lieu of a rental fee, we ask you make a donation to the Frazer Center to help fund programs for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Bookings & Pricing

What types of events can be held at CWG?

Weddings: rehearsal dinners, ceremonies, receptions, both ceremonies and receptions

Corporate events: social mixers, fundraisers, meetings, and holiday parties

Social events: birthday parties, bridal/wedding showers, baby showers, bar/bat mitzvahs, family reunions, memorial services, and neighborhood meetings

What is the facility rental fee?

See Wedding & Event Packages for a breakdown of fees.

Is there a discount for nonprofits to rent the facility?
Yes, we offer a 25% discount for nonprofits with a copy of 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6) documentation.
Are there taxes or extra/hidden fees not included on the pricing chart?
There are no hidden fees. The Frazer Center is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, so no taxes will be included in the rental fee. Event insurance is required ($500,000 bodily injury / $200,000 property damage) and can be purchased through vendors such as, which provides event insurance for around $100–$175.
Because my rental supports the Frazer Center as a nonprofit, is my rental fee tax deductible?
No. Because we are providing a service in return, your fee is not tax deductible. However, if you choose to make a donation to the Frazer Center above your rental fee, that amount would be tax deductible.
How do I book the facility?
Once you have communicated with a CWG representative that you would like to rent the property on a certain date, a rental agreement and contract will be sent to you, along with a link to make a down payment via credit card. The date will be held for 24 hours while you review and sign contracts and make your payment.
How much is due at the time of booking?
You will owe 50% of the rental fee upon booking, with the other 50% due 90 days after booking. If you book the facility less than three months prior to your event, you will owe 100% at booking.
Once a date is booked, what are the next steps?
A confirmation packet will be sent to you within a few weeks of booking. This will include a detailed “what’s next” checklist.
What’s the maximum capacity at CWG?
We can accommodate up to 180 guests per event.
Who all needs to sign the Vendor Agreement?

The Vendor Agreement needs to be signed by all vendors who will be on the property the day of the event. All of our Preferred Caterers are licensed, insured, and contracted with CWG, so they do not need to sign the agreement.

Can I use a vendor that isn’t licensed or insured?
For your own protection, we strongly recommend you choose only vendors that are both licensed and insured. However, we will allow vendors that are not insured as long as they sign the Vendor Agreement. Just be aware, if they aren’t insured then you are liable should anything happen during your event.
Can I use my own caterer?

You must work with a caterer from our Preferred Caterers list. They’ve all worked several events at our facility and provide exceptional service and amazing cuisine.

What’s the alcohol policy at CWG? Is smoking allowed?

Please see our Rental Information document for more information.

Why do I have to have a professional coordinator for my wedding or large event?
The site manager provided by CWG is not permitted to play a role in your ceremony or manage your vendors, as they’ll be performing other duties during your event. Therefore, you need a professional planner/day-of coordinator who will manage your vendors, manage your timeline, make sure everyone is where they should be, and ensure everything is taken care of before, during, and after your event.
What do the site managers do?
Site managers are on the property for the duration of your event. Their duties include: unlocking gates and doors, turning on all lights, placing directional signage, ensuring the site is clean, setting up the PA system for your use, acting as a greeter when guests arrive, managing parking staff, assisting vendors with questions, troubleshooting any issues that may arise, cleaning restrooms, and more.
What time is the facility available to rent, and how long is the rental period?

Our Wedding & Event Packages and Rental Information document have all the information you need on days, times, rental periods, and associated fees.

Can I rent the Atrium or Garden on their own?
Yes, we rent both facilities separately as well as together.
Which dates are available for my event?

Please view our availability calendar here.

Do you book more than one event on the same day?
No, we only book one event per day. This gives you exclusive access during your event.

What’s Included in Your Rental

Is there enough lighting in the Gardens, or do I need to bring in more?
There is ample lighting in the Gardens, including lamp posts, chandeliers under the tent, globe string lights under the smaller tent and hanging between the tent and bridal pavilion.
Is it possible to hang paper lanterns or drapery in the Atrium?
The rafters/beams of the A-frame ceiling are very high and difficult to reach, and hanging anything from our string lights is a violation of the fire code. A professional must be hired to hang anything in the Atrium, and we do not have any equipment for use during installation.
Can artificial petals be used in the Gardens?
No, only real flower petals may be used, and they must be picked up from the Ceremony Lawn and Atrium.
What comes with my rental?

See our Rental Information document for more information. Anything not listed in this document (such as table linens) will not be included in your rental, and must be procured separately.

What does it cost to rent the PA system?
You can rent our PA system for $150, which includes two lapel mics, a handheld mic, and iPod connection.
Do I need to rent a dance floor for the Atrium?


Day-of Logistics

Can I go inside the mansion?
The Cator Woolford mansion is now a separate nonprofit called the Atlanta Hospital Hospitality House. It is not included in the rental fee. Depending on availability, it may be possible to rent the house for the night before your event. Ask your CWG representative for more details.
What is the typical timeline for a wedding?

Please see our Sample Wedding Timeline for more information.

What times are available for wedding rehearsals?
A complimentary 1-hour rehearsal time is set based on the booking day and contingent on availability. No times are guaranteed, and CWG reserves the right to reschedule rehearsal times based on rentals. You’re welcome to rent the Gardens for an additional day to guarantee rehearsal time, if you wish. Otherwise, rehearsals will be scheduled around rental events.
Can we leave boxes or decorations at the property after the rehearsal?
This must be coordinated with your CWG representative in advance.
When can my vendors and I be on the property?
Rental clients, event guests, and event vendors are only permitted on the property during the hours you have reserved for your rental. Additional hours may be added up until one week prior to your event.
Who sets up the tables and chairs for my event?
Your caterer is in charge of setup and breakdown of all tables and chairs for dining. The ceremony chairs will be set up by CWG staff prior to your event. We require a final walk-through with you, your coordinator, your caterer, and a CWG representative 30 days before your event to finalize how you’d like everything arranged.
Where can the bride(s) / groom(s) get ready for the wedding?

The Pavilion is available on the grounds of the Gardens. There is also a resource library/conference room at the Frazer Center located near the Atrium.

What’s the weather contingency plan?
Luckily, you have several options. We have a tent in the Gardens that seats up to 180 for ceremonies or 70 for seated dinners. We also have the large indoor Atrium, which seats 180 for ceremonies, meetings, and dancing receptions, and up to 150 for a completely seated event. We typically like to know 24 hours in advance if you will be using a contingency plan, but we understand that weather is sometimes unpredictable.
Is there free parking at the venue?
Yes, there is enough parking on the property for roughly 90 cars. Directional signage will be provided to guide guests to the Frazer Center parking lot at the top of the hill.
How do the golf cart shuttles work?
Golf carts will be waiting to transport guests from the parking lot down to the Gardens. The shuttle will also be waiting to transport guests to the Atrium or back to the parking lot during your event.
What are my options for childcare during my event?
We are happy to send you recommendations for professional on-site childcare. A space will be made available for them to care for your child at the Frazer Center. We require you to use only professional childcare services, and that each parent using those services sign a waiver stating that the Frazer Center and CWG are not responsible for their child. We do not provide TVs or other forms of entertainment.
Can our dog be included in the ceremony?
Yes. However, four-legged family members are welcome in the Gardens only and must remain on a leash while on the property per county leash laws. Pets are not allowed inside the Atrium or the Frazer Center.
Can I have amplified music in the Gardens?

See our Rental Information document for more information on allowed music.

What type of music works best in the Gardens?
For non-amplified music, we find anything from a solo guitarist to a 5-piece ensemble can work well. Clients often choose a string trio or quartet. Other possibilities include a saxophonist or harpist. These musicians must remain within the sound shell under our large tent for the duration of the event in the Gardens, except during the actual ceremony (when they’re allowed on the Ceremony Lawn).
Can music be heard in the East Lawn and Courtyard?
While we need to make sure the sound level stays within the requirements of our county permit, the instruments can be heard very well under the tent and on the paved Courtyard. The music can sometimes be heard on the East Lawn.
What can be used to celebrate the couple’s farewell? Where does that take place?

Bubbles, lavender, glow sticks, streamers, or small flags are allowed. We do not allow the use of sparklers, bird seed, rice, poppers, fog machines, or fake petals. Your CWG representative can explain our departure procedures.